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Vastus intermedius

Muscle function: Knee extension and tracking of Patella.

Muscle origin: Anterior surface of femoral shaft

Muscle insertion: Patella and tibial tuberosity via patellar tendon

Nerve innervation: L2-4 (Lovett reactor – C2-4)

Organ relationship: Small intestine – T8-11, Vagus

  • Small intestine
    • Sympathetic: T8-11
    • Parasympathetic: Vagus
Medial part
Client is supine wit the knee bend, hip in slight external rotation and knee placed slighty in abduction so the that the bottom of the heel can be placed on the inside of the opposite knee. Fiksate with one hand on the outside of the knee and placed the other hand betwwen the heel of the test leg and the knee of the other leg. Start be applying pressure towards knee flexion (trying to slide the leg up along the inside of the leg) and then try to bring the heel away from the opposite leg.
Lateral part

Functional anatomy for

Vastus intermedius

Related joints: Knee joint

Myofascial lines: Superficial front line


Release exercises

Corrective strength exercises

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